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The Iowa Rivers Information System (IRIS) is a tool for both professionals and the public to obtain information about rivers and streams in Iowa and the diversity of natural resources they support. IRIS provides easy entry to the world of information about Iowa's rivers and streams. Maps, data and research products are available through IRIS, as well as links to several other sites containing a wealth of information. Most of the available information is geo-referenced for mapping and analysis in IRIS, or for download and import to GIS software.

IRIS has many potential uses and users. From the fisheries biologist seeking information to evaluate a stream's potential as a smallmouth bass fishery, to the water quality analyst searching for clues to explain differences in stream nutrients and biological integrity, to the science teacher helping students learn about flowing water ecosystems, IRIS is an important and versatile tool. Best of all, the web interface brings the power of IRIS to anyone with a computer and Internet access.

From the sidebar on the left you can view and customize maps, query or download databases within IRIS or from external sites, view or download reports and publications, or link to other related web sites.

If you have questions or comments, go to our Personnel and Contacts page and click on a link. Enjoy IRIS!

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