Iowa Fish Atlas

Gravel chub-Erimystax x-punctatus

Native: Yes

State Rank: S3

ITIS Code: 163824          

National Rank: N4           

Global Rank: G4

Modeled By: Anna Loan-Wilsey

State Range:

The gravel chub is limited to the large interior rivers of central and northeast Iowa (Harlan et al. 1987).   It is found almost exclusively in the Eastern Broadleaf Forest Aquatic Subregion including collections taken from the Shellrock, Cedar, Upper Iowa, Wapsipinicon, Volga and Turkey rivers.  However, populations of gravel chub have also been found in the Des Moines River in the Central Plains Aquatic Subregion.  This once threatened fish species is more abundant and widely distributed in Iowa than previously known (Harlan et al. 1987).

Habitat Affinities:

The gravel chub inhabits large, deep riffles and raceways of moderate- or large-sized streams with swift current and substrates of sand and pea-sized gravel without clayey silt (Eddy and Underhill 1974; Harlan et al. 1987; Robison and Buchanan 1988; Trautman 1981). If siltation is rapid, the gravel chub may be found in shallower waters with stronger current as long as its preferred substrate exists (Trautman 1981).  However, increased erosion and siltation from intensive agricultural practices has caused a drastic decline of the gravel chub in parts of its range (Becker 1983; Eddy and Underhill 1974; Phillips et al. 1982; Smith 1979).  In the Ozarks of Missouri, the gravel chub is locally abundant in the downstream areas of large streams with lower gradients and warmer water (Pflieger 1997; Robison and Buchanan 1988). It is tolerant of moderate turbidity (Pflieger 1997) and avoids rooted aquatic plants and larger varieties of algae and aquatic mosses (Trautman 1981).

Predictive Model(s):

Statewide Model: by 8-digit HU [Decision Tree Analysis n=29]

The distribution is based upon existing collection records and professional review.


  ((("LINKR" > 3 AND "LINKR" <= 5) AND "SOIL_TEXT" <= 4) OR

    ("LINKR" > 5 AND "LINKR" <= 7))

Overall Prediction:

"FLOW" = 1 AND "SDISCR_2C" = 0 AND "TEMP_CODE" = 2 AND ((("LINKR" > 3 AND "LINKR" <= 5) AND "SOIL_TEXT" <= 4) OR ("LINKR" > 5 AND "LINKR" <= 7))

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Photo Credits:

Upper Left:       Photo courtesy of Konrad P. Schmidt, copyright Konrad P. Schmidt.

Upper Right:     Photo courtesy of Konrad P. Schmidt, copyright Konrad P. Schmidt.